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Geotab – Modern Tech

Geotab is a leader in the tech industry and asked Pizzale Design’s expert designers and decorators to create a Google offices’ inspired, high-end, innovation stimulating, modern tech, commercial interior design. The café was the only area that was to be styled differently, where their employees could have fun and relax.

G E O T A B — M O D E R N T E C H


Nestled in the heart of Oakville, Geotab a leader in the tech industry needed a fresh work environment. Inspired by Google offices, Geotab asked Pizzale Design’s expert designers and decorators to create a modern tech, innovation inspiring, commercial interior design. Pizzale’s designers took to the task and used lots of white, silver and blue, with accents of lime green to add an additional punch, to the already vivacious space. Sustainability was very important to Geotab and we incorporated this with many plant features and natural material, throughout the commercial space.

The reception features a generous custom built-in banquette and a two story light fixture, which hangs against the backdrop of a moss wall. Following a geometric interior design style, the reception desk was a piece with a faceted façade made from crosscut oak, and complete with a navy quartz counter top.

To stimulate the collective productivity of the employees, the meeting rooms aesthetics were designed with a unique rustic, yet modern and edgy, style. Custom live-edge tables were designed with metal bases that had removable panels, which hid all the IT cables. The corporate conference room is all business and seats twenty. It also has a kitchenette to suit all their catering needs.

The highlight of this modern tech commercial design is their Go Café. This is every employee’s favourite place to be. There are a variety of seating options, from lounge sofas to raised banquettes, and communal tables. To achieve the positive effects that natural elements have on people, we created a design concept that incorporated a lot of natural materials, including elements that imitate natural textures. Here the infusion of orange, blue, grey and green, adds a burst of colour and creates a lively, fun atmosphere.

Location: Oakville, Ontario