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Appleby - Modern Luxury

This modern luxury home in Burlington is a masterpiece with completely custom interior decorative and design work. From millwork molding to custom furniture and even the artwork, we customized all elements to suit the homeowners’ personalities and tastes.

A P P L E B Y — M O D E R N L U X U R Y

Appleby — Modern Luxury

Pizzale interior design specialists, alongside the architect and builder, skillfully and meticulously created this completely custom, artistic, 8000 square foot home. Resonating with each family member’s unique taste and personality, we customized all elements including space planning and decoration of every single shelf in the house. The essence of creating the perfect home interior design is to understand your client and their palate. This home’s second floor was designed with graceful feminine finishes, while the main floor sported a neutral colour palette. The basement was designed to be the ideal entertainment hub with a touch of masculinity. Additionally, lots of storage was a requirement, so every room was incorporated with custom furniture, custom built-in millwork and unique storage solutions, making this home a one-of-a-kind epitome of modern luxury.

Location: Appleby, Burlington, Ontario